“It’s your fault if he was jailed”

This is the words that Amparo hears shouting at her on the streets of Santa María de Pantasma, a small town in the North of Nicaragua.

I don’t care, and I answer: ‘No, it’s not my fault. It is their fault and the crime they committed’”.

I have known Amparo during my EU AID Volunteer activity at GVC for “PARA! Mujeres rurales libres de violencia” [Rural women free from violence] project.

She is one of Nicaraguan women called “Community Defender”, who provides assistance, legal and psychological support to women victims of violence. They also promote prevention actions and awareness about this huge problem especially in Nicaragua’s rural areas.

It is not easy at all working in this context. Even communicating is difficult. We think of those women who suffer violence in rural areas and would like to report to us or the police, but they cannot get in touch with us” said Amparo. “Every day we find many problems in our path; sometimes it seems there is a barrier between justice and women”.

But she doesn’t give up. “Despite problems and threats that I receive every day for acting as Community Defender, I go straight to my way: helping women”.

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