The trainers for the humanitarian aid workers made it very clear: the 3rd and the 7th month of a deployment are the most challenging ones.

The 3rd one is when you are still excited about everything, but you no longer want to eat rice everyday and you start missing home and grandma’s food. The 7th is when your perception sharpens, you start noticing things and the world around you starts to have some cracks. 

I just found one. The place behind me used to be full of life and people. Up until the 1st of March, when all the owners of the little stands and shops received an eviction notice. Pretty much out of the blue. One could think (and it’s pretty much what I thought) that their whole world collapsed, they no longer have a place to run their little business or place to live. But it can be also a chance for starting something new.

I know one of the owners of the little stands, Tevy. She used to own the spot at the very beginning of the street, a little restaurant, popular place for volunteers and people on a budget. Tevy had to leave her restaurant, along all the others. But she did not give up, rented a place nearby, a proper house and is opening a restaurant in 3 days. I’m just thinking that maybe without an eviction it would have probably taken her longer time to venture to it, she might have stayed in that little stand, barely making her living. I’m in my 7th month of deployment now. I’m taking it as an opportunity to learn more about myself and explore the cracks. 

Ready to join our EU Aid Volunteers in Cambodia? Stay tuned, new vacancies are coming soon!

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