At the beginning of May 2018 I went to Sidi Bouzid and Kasserine, two regions in the center of Tunisia, to visit the women’ cooperatives that GVC is supporting as part of the Eco de Femmes project. I spent three intense days. They were full of emotions, encounters, and stories. The woman in the picture is Zina, one of the women that work in the chicken farming cooperative of El Gallel (a small rural village situated in Sidi Bouzid region).

Meeting her was the most touching moment of these three days. Her warmth and the energy in her eyes immediately attracted me. As soon as she saw me she hugged me and started to share all about the cooperative, their work and the daily problems they have to deal with.

Most of them didn’t have the possibility to go to school and spent the majority of their life working in the fields, earning very low incomes. Thanks to the work in the cooperative they got new knowledge and skills, they started to be proud of themselves and of the work they are doing in the cooperative. They got self-confidence and are ready to face difficulties to achieve their objectives.

I would like all women to have the same enthusiasm and proud look as Zina while telling their daily challenges, big and small, and, above all, that their dignity is respected“.

Testimony of Elena Gasparini, Project Manager, EU Aid Volunteer in Tunisia.

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