The Story of Barbara,  Junior Volunteer in Project Management and Administration with GVC in Guatemala.

“For me to be a volunteer means to be open to challenges and diversities, it means to try to leave home prejudices. And to be emotionally generous, curious and with willingness to share energies and experiences.

Being part of the EU Aid Volunteer programme is a beautiful life choice that enables young experts to link all the romanticism of volunteerism with a professionally forming experience.

I chose to apply for the EU Aid Volunteers programme because I wanted to gain experience in the field of project management and to offer my skills and abilities to the beneficiaries of Gruppo di Volontariato Civile – GVC project in Guatemala.

 Guatemala is an inspiring country. I have been here since 3 months and I feel like I still need to see, listen and breathe many new things. In comparison to other Central American countries in Guatemala it is still alive a strong Mayan culture that has not been destroyed by the invaders. Besides this, it is also naturalistic capturing; it has 37 volcanoes of which four are actives, it has two opposite coastal areas and various landscapes.

As all the beauties of the world, it does not come without problems. Guatemala is at the bottom of many rankings, just to give a small example it has a very high rate of inequality, the health system is very weak and the government is going through an institutional crisis. This translates for the most vulnerable parts of the population malnutrition and food insecurity. It is where the work of GVC takes place.

GVC is an important presence in Guatemala; it is committed since the ‘80s to bring humanitarian aid to people in need with the vision to work for a more equitable and just world. GVC works in Guatemala with a consortium of other INGOs, delivering cash transfers to indigenous communities hit by seasonal hunger. The project is much more than this, on the side, there are many activities to promote food security among the people living in the dry corridor.

 I am happy to be able to contribute to GVC’s work in Guatemala, the people I am working with and their attitude toward the mission encourage me to give the best that I can every day.

 As a junior project manager and administrator volunteer I am gaining experience in many of the project management cycle phases, from funding to reporting and it is exciting for me to think how much more I could contribute to make a change.

The dry season is coming back in one month and we are ready to implement the second part of the project started two years ago. We are also looking at other opportunities to impact positively Guatemala’s vulnerable population and I am really excited to make my contribution”.

Barbara Terrone, Junior Volunteer in Project Management and Administration with GVC in Guatemala. 

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