“I had just graduated, after my university years in human rights and journalism spent in my home-country and abroad.

Then, the new challenge, decide where to direct the first steps of this new life after university, a totally blank page. I am one of the young people part of the Erasmus generation, a lucky one that has had the chance to benefit from the precious opportunities of the Erasmus, the EVS and many other European projects. But I was feeling the need, and the desire, to get beyond Europe.

A friend of mine had told me about the EU Aid Volunteers initiative, a very brand-new initiative by the European Union that looked like a perfect combination of many appealing elements: a European project, the training and learning opportunity that it offers, the possibility to work in countries outside Europe.

So, I asked myself, why not trying to discover more about this new initiative? Let’s apply!

As many times happen, the most amazing things arrive when you are not planning them. My plan was to go to South America, to work as a volunteer in communication. But then, after many months spent with this idea in my mind, the opportunity to go to a totally new and unexpected part of the world came up.

And here I am now, after 4 months that passed by so quickly, as they were so intense, and deep and hectic. What seemed so surreal and crazy has become now the normality of this new life: living a couple of miles far away from the Syrian border. Or the messy traffic and the total absence of rules on the streets. The daily routine of work, surrounded by “expats” and by our local colleagues.

Everyday is a surprise. It might happen to be called to go to visit one of the Informal Tented Settlement where my organization works, to take videos or pictures of the beneficiaries or of our colleagues. Or it might be just a day spent in the office editing videos and photos. Or organizing photo exhibitions, events, designing new visibility materials. Everything can happen.

And it is just the beginning!”


Silvia, Junior Communication Officer in Lebanon with GVC

For more information about EU Aid Volunteers opportunities and projects click here or write to volunteers@gvc.weworld.it 

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