Are you a person interested in International cooperation, volunteerism and humanitarian aid? Are you an organization who would like to identify, manage and deploy Aid volunteers from the European Union? Are you an organization in a developing country that would like to host Aid humanitarian volunteers?  Want to learn more but you don’t know how? We have the ingredients for the right recipe!

More and Better EU Aid Volunteers is a project run by GVC alongside 8 partners, involving 38 European organisations, to enhance capacities in humanitarian aid operations and volunteering management abroad. Using the right recipe made-up of e-learning courses, trainings in 9 EU countries, online toolkits and seminars, we focus on the common objective of implementing best practices in humanitarian aid delivery.

Next Events

Friday 15th December 2017 at 15:00 CET, GVC and its partners will be hosting a 1 hour and 30 minutes webinar to present and discuss the opportunities of the EU Aid Volunteers Initiative for CSOs. Our guest speaker, Borja Santos Porras of IECAH, organizers of the webinar, will present the topic in collaboration with volunteers and organisations involved in EU Aid Volunteers’ projects. Then we will pose several discussion questions to explore how the programme provides a central framework for strengthening local capacity in disaster-affected communities and strengthen active citizenship. During the webinar, it will be introducted the free e-learning course Volunteering in Humanitarian Action: opportunities and challenges that will start on January 2018.

WHY? The webinar is part of a broader project that seeks to promote the ownership of humanitarian principles and mechanisms by participating CSOs and support their engagement in the EU Aid Volunteers programme (see below). The webinar aims at sharing real experiences with any people interested in the program and all volunteering organization that would like to participate.

FOR WHO? If you are people or part of an organization that work on, or are interested in volunteering in humanitarian action, please join us for this free webinar which will be facilitated by Borja Santos Porras and IECAH’s team. 

HOW? Join us by registering via the following link. We will send you by email the direct link to the webinar.

WHEN? Webinar will start the 15th December at 15.00pm CET and finish at 16.30pm CET. Please try to connect before it starts, from 14:45pm CET to test your technology.

Borja Santos Porras is a specialist in international development, public policy and social entrepreneurship worldwide. He has been working for different governments and organisations in different countries of Africa, Asia and South America during the last ten years. Thanks to a multidisciplinary background, he has been working designing strategies for better economic growth and innovation with the government of Sri Lanka, Perú and Spain; supporting the institutional humanitarian response and the disaster risk management strategy of the government of Ethiopia and Ecuador; managing international humanitarian projects at the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs; and working with private companies in Germany. Borja has just completed a two years Master in Public Administration in International Development (MPA/ID) at the Harvard Kennedy School. Currently he works as an international consultant for different organisations and governments and he is adjunct professor of “Aid, Development and Social Entrepreneurship” at IE University.

IECAH-Institute of Studies on Conflicts and Humanitarian Action was founded in the year 2000 and has its central office in Madrid. It is a private initiative which unites experts from various fields and geographic areas related to international conflict and cooperation with special emphasis on humanitarian action. The expertise and activities exist at both an educational as well as a research level, and from national as well as international perspectives and centers. IECAH unites considerable practical experience and knowledge from work for NGOs and other types of organizations active in the field of international cooperation.

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