It was not my first volunteer experience; it was not the first breathtaking country in which I spent part of my life; it was not even the first team with whom I got along really well, both professionally and humanly…but still, the EUAV experience in Bolivia, with GVC and the Chipaya community, caught my heart and mind, persuading me to resubmit the application for the volunteer program and staying, this time for a whole year, again on the South American highlands.

Maybe because of my interest and curiosity for a millennial culture such as Chipaya, its traditions and gastronomy and the willing to be involved, to learn, to understand…

Or maybe because of the hard work, the consciousness that what you are doing is a concrete help, the satisfaction of seeing progress, changes, the professional and human growth, the importance of being useful when needed…

On the other hand, it is also true that part of the growth and learning comes from the relationships that you create daily, from the people you share full days of work, from the colleagues you spent nights in the office, from people who believe in you and trust in your help…and moments of leisure and stress, together…

Finally, doubtless, if I decided to come back to Chipaya, it’s because I believe in the project I am working on, because I want to continue to share their present and to work for their future, to contribute to improving their living conditions and to see growing community tourism.

One year will surely fly fast, but I am well prepared to live it intensely and to enjoy every day of this volunteer experience, sure that I will be the one improving my life.

Alice Ticli, Project Manager – EU Aid Vounteer in Bolivia


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