The term Deployment identifies the EU Aid Volunteers projects structured to select and train volunteers and to send them to the non-European countries where GVC and its partners carry out the field activities of humanitarian aid, resilience, disaster risk management and disaster risk reduction. The volunteers are chosen from among citizens aged 18 or over – either from Europe or resident there for a lengthy period – after a careful selection process and specific training. Once sent to the destination, volunteers are integrated within the activities of the local organisations and communities, to maximise their response capacity regarding humanitarian crises in Africa, Asia, Latin America, Central America and the Middle East.

A volunteer is chosen in relation to the specific needs of the local organisations, and in keeping with the European standards set out in the initiative.

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This is a 24-month project of volunteer work abroad and is coordinated by a consortium made up of GVC – Gruppo di Volontariato Civile (IT), APS – Alianza por la Solidaridad (ES), European Guilde (FR), with the University of Bologna as associate partner. The project involves 30 volunteers (16 senior, 14 junior) operating in eight non-EU countries: in Haiti with Mouvement Paysan Papaye and the Haiti branches of GVC and Alianza Por la Solidaridad; in Ecuador with Ecuasol; in Cambodia, Tunisia and Lebanon with the local GVC branches; in Nicaragua with GVC and Alianza Por la Solidaridad; in Jordan with Alianza Por la Solidaridad.

This is a 24-month international volunteer project implemented by GVC – Gruppo di Volontariato Civile (IT) and APS – Alianza por la Solidaridad (ES) together with 13 organisations from other nations, with the University of Bologna as associate partner. Thirty-eight volunteers (22 junior and 16 senior) will be sent to ten different countries: Bolivia, Cambodia, Ecuador, Tunisia, Lebanon, Jordan, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Haiti and the islands of St Vincent and Grenadine. 


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The term Deployment identifies the EU Aid Volunteers projects structured to send volunteers to non-European countries.
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Capacity building

This programme aims to maximise the expertise of organisations in non-European countries in the management of humanitarian emergencies. [More info]

Technical Assistance

The Technical Assistance projects strive to involve as many European organisations as possible in EU Aid Volunteers. [More info]

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