Technical Assistance

GVC is currently part of a consortium active in the project EU Aid Volunteers  Bringing the Value of volunteers and CSOs to EU Humanitarian response, along with Alianza por la Solidaridad (ES), Hungarian Baptist Aid (HU) and CSV-Volunteering Matters (UK). . It also coordinates the project More and better EU Aid Volunteers: enhancing technical capacity of European organisations and improving opportunities for EU citizens to participate in humanitarian aid actions, implemented with eight European organisations, including three national platforms: Alianza por la Solidaridad (ES), Eesti People to People (EE), Instituto Marquez de Valle Flor (PT), Latvian Platform for Development Cooperation (LV), NGO Support Centre (CY), Juanimo Karjeros Centras (LT), SLOGA (SI), HAND (HU). The University of Bologna (IT) is also involved in the project, as associate partner.

EU Aid Volunteers–Bringing the Value of volunteers and CSOs to EU HUmanitarian response (AIDCSO) is a partnership with GVC (IT), Alianza por la Solidaridad (ES), Hungarian Baptist Aid (HU) and CSV-Volunteering Matters (UK).
The project aims at strengthening the capacities and standards of European organization working in the humanitarian field with previous experience in volunteers management, supporting them in the certification path to became sending organization in the EU Aid Volunteers initiative.
AIDCSO informs and engages 51 European organizations of 26 member states in EU Aid Volunteer Initiative actions realizing e-learning courses, webinars and toolkits. It supports 15 organizations reaching the volunteers management standards required by the EUAV initiative, in order of obtaining the certification needed to become a sending organization. The project was concluded in October 2017 with the establishment of 6 National Focal Points: for Italy, GVC is in charge of this function.


More and better EU Aid Volunteers: enhancing technical capacity of European organisations and improving opportunities for EU citizens to participate in humanitarian aid actions informs and engages in EUAV initiative 3 European platforms and at least 38 organizations, strengthening their capacities in Humanitarian Action and EUAV initiative through e-learning trainings, an international residential training of trainers, national trainings implemented in 9 European countries, an online toolkit, public conferences and communication activities. In order of aiming these objectives, GVC and its partners realise  different activities such as an International residential training of trainers with 18 experts, 7 exchanges of staff between certified sending organizations and prospecting certified partners, and promotion of the project through a video campaign, workshop in collaboration with the University of Bologna and other events. The project will reach 87 organizations and 163 people. It will last until February 2019.

An On Line Toolkit for organizations is available at this link

More to care: encouraging certification and strengthening EUAV management capacities of European sending organisations (+Care), is a technical assistance project implemented by a consortium of 6 European organizations from 5 Countries: Alianza por la Solidaridad (ES), LVIA – Lay Volunteers International Association (IT)ActionAid International Italy onlus (IT), Volunteering matters (UK)Action aid hellas astiki mi kerdoskopiki etairia (GR)Asociatia Initiative si Proiecte pentru Tineret Imago Mundi (RO).

The project aims to expand the European partnership between humanitarian organizations, promote volunteering, strengthen the capacities of sending organizations and of at least 6 National Focal Points within the EU Aid Volunteers initiative and to support at least 18 new sending organizations in the accreditation process through: face-to-face and online trainings, facilitated by partners and/or experts, support visits, exchanges, online assistance. In addition, public events will be organized to disseminate the initiative (videos, social networks, Volonteurope platform and partner websites) with the aim of informing and reaching a wide audience of interested organizations and possible candidate-volunteers for the program. The project will last until January 2020 and it foresees the publication of an updated version of the Guidelines for sending organizations.

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The term Deployment identifies the EU Aid Volunteers projects structured to send volunteers to non-European countries.
[More info]

Capacity building

This programme aims to maximise the expertise of organisations in non-European countries in the management of humanitarian emergencies. [More info]

Technical Assistance

The Technical Assistance projects strive to involve as many European organisations as possible in EU Aid Volunteers. [More info]

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